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Recruitment position: Salesman
Job requirements:
1. According to the company's strategic objectives and industry development trends, formulate an overall market channel strategy and monitor its implementation;
2. Research and analyze market conditions, track industry development trends, competitors' dynamics and relevant government regulations; pay attention to the implementation results of the strategy and changes in the internal and external environment, promptly propose strategic adjustment suggestions, and provide data support and special research reports for major decision-making matters;
3. According to the company's development strategy, combined with the actual situation of the industry and the company, formulate and implement the operation center development strategy and plan, and continuously improve the department's operation and management level;
4. Establish a standardized and efficient operation management system, plan and promote the company's business operation strategy and organize to achieve the company's staged development goals;
5. Collaborate with the company's marketing and marketing department to organize the department to participate in the planning, organization and implementation of marketing activities, brand promotion and public relations activities of customers served by the company; participate in the negotiation of strategic cooperation projects and maintain the relationship with strategic partners;
6. Establish and improve various rules and regulations, promote the standardized, scientific and continuous improvement of the company's operation system management, and build and develop excellent operation teams;
7. According to the company's business policies and department business needs, rationally set up department organizational structure and positions, optimize business processes; and have the ability to develop and train employees, manage employee performance, improve department efficiency, and improve employee satisfaction;
8. Coordinate the relationship between the Channel Cooperation Department and other relevant departments;
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